Spring is the breeding season!
Menu recommendation from our gourmet kitchen:

High nutrient food - easy to digest for lasting energy!
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Real bird magnets!
The perfect supply for your home -

Our new box containing 36 Knödel - available with & without net
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Top-quality ingredients
from selected suppliers.

High-quality food needs high-quality ingredients.
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"Vogelschmaus" & "Knödel" feeders
True "bird magnets"
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Welzhofer Special Bird Food -
Made exclusively from peeled natural ingredients - guaranteed germ-free!

Perfect for balcony and patio bird feeders!
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Welzhofer stands for:
Bird food adapted for different species and beaks, and healthy, natural fat

Passion, know-how and natural ingredients
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Fat feed

This traditional hull-free mix is based on fat-coated oat flakes. It is particularly valuable to birds, as it contains only natural, unprocessed fats.Natural fats contain many valuable nutrients and are an excellent source of energy. The fat is prepared in our gourmet kitchen without any additives and as quickly as possible, so that it retains all its flavours. Unsulphured sultanas, peanuts and mi...


Mixed feed

This mixed feed product has for a long time been a best-seller in our bird feed range. Its ingredients make it the ideal year-round bird food for all kinds of birds, including species that love soft food, eat berries or are grain-feeders. If you are new to bird feeding, this is definitely the product for you.


Special feed

This special mix contains only hull-free ingredients, which means that there will be no dirt at the feeding place. This product is therefore ideal for all who want to feed birds on balconies and patios.


Power feed

The power feed has been specially formulated to strengthen young birds and their parents, as well as weak and old birds. To ensure that the birds can digest the food as quickly and efficiently as possible, most of the ingredients are milled products that are mixed with oat flakes and natural fat.


Forest bird feed

forest bird
The forest bird feed contains a wide range of fine seeds that are particularly suitable for small birds such as siskins and robins. The small seeds can be easily broken up and digested by small birds.



Our “Vogelschmaus” bird feeders are a bird magnet. You wouldn't believe how many different bird species will come to feed on it. We have packed lots of nutritious oat flakes coated in natural and healthy fat into this very special feed mix, and birds simply love it. For extra taste and nutrients, we add nuts, sunflower seeds or berries.



The nutritious “Gourmet-Knödel” are sold together with the feeder and contain healthy and tasty ingredients wrapped up in natural fat that is an indispensable source of energy for wild birds all year round.


Hedgehog food

The ingredients for our hedgehog food have been carefully chosen to match the fat- and protein-rich diet preferred by the species. The balanced mix contains molluscs, crustaceans, cereals, insects, nuts and fruits, as well as added minerals and pure honey, as hedgehogs have a sweet tooth...


Squirrel food

The ingredients for our squirrel food have been carefully chosen to match the varied diet preferred by the species. It contains a mix of nuts, kernels, fruit and vegetables, complementing the food found by the animals in the wild.


Food mix

All our products are species appropiate and adapted for the various needs and preferences of the different bird species and garden-guests.


Single feed

Quality food contains only quality ingredients. There we buy only the best available quality.


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