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About us

In 1928, Xaver Mayr established a trading company for agricultural and mill products based in Göggingen near Augsburg. Welzhofer Mühle was first mentioned in documents in 1429.

Both family companies have thus a long tradition.


Over many years, Xaver Mayr OHG and Welzhofer Mühle had been cooperating in many different areas, including production and storage. They also shared a vehicle fleet. In 1995, Manfred Mayr, Anton Welzhofer Senior and Hermann Welzhofer joined forces to establish MAYR Gross-und Aussenhandelsges.mbH based in Schönebach, right in the heart of Swabia in Southern Germany.

The import and export company for commodities for the food and feed industries grew steadily and expanded into Italy.

At that time, Manfred Mayr had already been producing winter food for birds marketed under the name of "Winterstar" for about 30 years, and this quality product was well-established in the market. Thanks to the close cooperation between Manfred Mayr and the brothers Anton and Hermann Welzhofer, the business expanded rapidly, building up strong customer and supplier base.


To keep up with demand, the company invested in mixing and filling machines. At the same time, the company began processing the fat in-house. By turning raw fat into crackling fat at its own premises, production was streamlined and costs could be reduced. This resulted in a significant increase in the company's production output, while product quality was further enhanced.

In summer 2001, Manfred Mayr sold his share in the business to Anton Welzhofer Junior, and retired at the age of 65. Christine Sirch (now Christine Welzhofer) took over as manager.


2006 saw a further expansion of the production, the introduction of half-pallet cartons and recruitment of new staff.

In January 2006, Hermann Welzhofer transferred his share in the company to his nephew Anton Welzhofer Junior, who took over as the managing director of Mayr Gross- und Aussenhandelsges.mbH in Schönebach.


Launch of gourmet bird feeders known as "Vogelschmaus". The agricultural supply business is leased to BayWa AG, while Welzhofer Mühle specialises in wild bird food.


Given the trend towards year-round bird feeding, the company needed to re-brand its product range, as the established name "Winterstar" implied winter feeding only. The Welzhofer® brand is introduced. The first packages of the new Welzhofer® bird food are shipped to shops in autumn 2011. The attractive, stand-up bags and quality products sell well.
The company begins to sell special food for hedgehogs and squirrels.


Welzhofer launches its power feed, specially formulated to strengthen young birds and their parents, as well as weak and old birds.


As the company is running out of space at its Schönebach site, production is to be relocated to Gessertshausen where Welzhofer builds a new production plant. With more efficient processes and a larger warehouse, the company can again meet demand and make sure that its products are available all year round.


Introduction of a new packaging for the company's fat ball, gourmet mix and gourmet stick ranges. These are now available in stand-up packs for attractive presentation in shops. Welzhofer balls and sticks are now established top quality brands!

Christine Welzhofer is appointed managing director of Welzhofer GmbH.


Expansion of feed ball range with new nutty product, and launch of “Gourmet-Knödel” containing no hulls or shells in February 2016.

Revamped website launched in spring 2016.
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