• Anton Welzhofer
    Anton Welzhofer
  • Steven Sagrodnik
    Steven Sagrodnik
  • Simone Blatt
    Simone Blatt
  • Lysann Schimmig
    Lysann Schimmig
  • Alexandra Schmitz
    Alexandra Schmitz
  • Ursula Knöpfle Käsmayr
    Ursula Knöpfle Käsmayr
  • Janine Schardt
    Janine Schardt
  • Carola Gleich
    Carola Gleich
  • Katrin Modlinger
    Katrin Modlinger
  • Jessica Schlegel
    Jessica Schlegel
  • Manuela Endt
    Manuela Endt
  • Julia Spengler
    Julia Spengler
  • Robinson Meyer
    Robinson Meyer
  • David Dolny
    David Dolny
  • Markus Flaig
    Markus Flaig
  • Nancy Peitzsch
    Nancy Peitzsch
  • Mariusz Kocyla
    Mariusz Kocyla
  • Christian Oswald
    Christian Oswald
  • Edwin Kröner
    Edwin Kröner

Home for wild birds:
Our mission

At Welzhofer everything is "Made in Bayerisch-Schwaben", of which we are proud. Our parents and grandparents have exemplified our sense of responsibility towards nature. Our mission is to give wild animals a home and to ensure that biodiversity is preserved.
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