Liebe Eltern
Dear Parents

I'm glad you found your way to Welziswelt. The disappearance of wild birds raises many questions. With our Welzi we invite you to take a bird's eye view of the subject. We would like to provide you with child-friendly materials that are also epnic about year-round feeding and sensitize us to give wild birds in our homeland more space again.

Have you already read about the "Turteltäubchen-Party" and seen where the Specht family builds their nest and how the three little break pilots learn to fly? In the Welzibüchlein you will find a lot of interesting facts about the bird families.

Liebe Eltern

You want Welzi always with you? Here you can download the Welzi wallpaper for your screen.

Liebe Eltern

Look, the birds on the coloring sheet still need paint... Would you like to ask your parents to print out the coloring sheets for you?

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