Ohne Moos nichts los

Ohne Moos nichts los

Das passiert im März

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Die Gesänge erfüllen den Tag

Die Gesänge erfüllen den Tag

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Terminsache im Garten

Welzis Gartentipp für den Februar

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Offener Nistkasten

Nistkasten richtig säubern

Noch schnell mal rauskehren

26.02.2019 Read more

Die Natur erwacht

Das passiert im Februar

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Kohlmeise an der Vogeltränke

Gartenvögel haben auch im Winter mächtig Durst

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Ask the Böhm

May we introduce you? Mr Böhm, bird expert who is happy to help wherever he can. Write him your questions or suggestions.

The whole Welzhofer family is happy about the cooperation with the biologist, conservationist and bird lover. At the age of 5, Stefan found a young, injured juniper thrush and cared for it healthily. Since then his heart has been beating for the native birds. In addition to his work as a non-fiction author and editor of the nature conservation magazine "Spektiv", he is particularly active in the field of species conservation.
As an expert, Mr. Böhm will assist Welzi, our company and our customers with all questions concerning wild birds, biodiversity and conservation.

Vogelexperte Böhm